Matteo Maria Boiardo

Orlando Innamorato

Arrival of Angelica
The entrance of Angelica (and her brother Argalia); Argalia reveals their father’s treacherous plan [puppet play]; Angelica expresses her love at first sight for Rinaldo [puppet play]; Astolfo jousts Argalia; Argalia jousts Ferraguto/Ferraù di Spagna (Book 1, canto 1).

Angelica defeats Malagigi
Angelica thwarts the attempt by the wizard Malagigi/Malagise to take advantage of her while she sleeps
(Book 1, canto 1).

Twin Fountains
Rinaldo falls out of love with Angelica at Merlin’s fountain while Angelica falls in love with Rinaldo at the fonte dell’amore.
(Book 1, canto 3)

Orlando vs. Ferraù
The two knights fight over Angelica while the princess disappears from view.
(Book 1, canto 3)

Angelica enlists Malagise’s help to attain Ranaldo
The  lovesick Angelica cannot remove Ranaldo from her heart and enlists Malagise to help her attain the knight. When Rinaldo refuses to comply, Malagise whisks him away from his supposed battle against Gradasso in Barcelona and sends him on a magically unmanned boat to the Palazzo Gioioso.
(Book 1, canto 5)

Orlando in Circassia
Orlando encounters various dangers (giant, Sphinx, Zambardo) as he travels east through Circassia in search of Angelica.
(Book 1, canto 5-6)

Dragontina’s Palace
Orlando captured by Dragontina/Drogantina; Brandimarte and Fiordelisa encounter Astolfo and travel to Dragontina’s palace, where Astolfo escapes but Brandimarte is captured; Astolfo alerts Angelica in Albraca [puppet play]; Marfisa and Bradamante attempt to liberate the imprisoned knights [epic maggio]; Angelica and Fiordelisa free Marfisa and Bradamante [epic maggio]; Fiordelisa encounters Rinaldo and asks for his help; Angelica battles Dragontina [epic maggio]; rescues Orlando (and others).
(Book 1, canto 6,  9, 10, 14)

Palazzo Gioioso
Angelica’s handmaidens try to entice Rinaldo to relax and await their queen in a palace built by magic.
(Book 1, canto 8)

Rocca crudele / Castle Cruel
Rinaldo is captured; Rinaldo hears the horrid tale that explains the  evil custom’s origin; Rinaldo battles the monster and finds himself in trouble; Malagigi/Malagise informs Angelica; Angelica rescues Rinaldo; Orlando rescues Rinaldo [student project].
(Book 1, canto 8-9)

Albarosa’s cave
Rinaldo (in the company of Fiordelisa) reads the tale about Albarosa’s bravery as she is tortured and murdered by the evil Truffaldino, vowing to avenge her death.
(Book 1, canto 13)

Truffaldino at Albraca
Truffaldino tricks Angelica [epic maggio]; Rinaldo fights Truffaldino; the death of Truffaldino.

Angelica at Albraca
After Orlando rescues Angelica from a giant, she seeks his aid against Agricane [puppet play]; Angelica welcomes Astolfo to Albraca and learns of Orlando’s capture by Dragontina/Drogantina [puppet play]; Angelica returns to Albraca from Dragontina’s place with Orlando, who vows to defend Truffaldino; Angelica bathes Orlando; Angelica expresses her love for Rinaldo after having sent Orlando to his death at Falerina’s garden in Orgagna.

Agricane at Albraca
Orlando rescues Angelica from a giant and she requests his help against Agricane [puppet play]; Orlando fights Agricane.
(Book 1, canto 18)

Orlando contro Rinaldo per la bella Angelica (Orlando against Rinaldo for Angelica, Albraca and France)
In versions more faithful to the poem, Orlando and Rinaldo fight outside Albraca: the former to eliminate a perceived rival for Angelica’s love, the latter in his attempt to reach and challenge Truffaldino for his torture and murder of Albarosa. In some puppet plays, this scene has been merged with the latter fight between the two in the Arden Wood when both knights are in love with Angelica.

Astolfo takes Argalia’s lance; wins the tournament in Paris; is imprisoned then released after Gradasso captures the city; defeats Gradasso and leaves Paris; is lured onto a moving whale by Alcina.

Agramante’s war
Agramante invades France and attacks Paris.

Malagigi travels to the underworld
In various versions of the puppet play “Orlando contro Rinaldo per la bella Angelica,” Malagigi visits a demon in the underworld and learns of the battle between the two cousins.

Giardino di Falerina
Orlando battles various male and female monsters at Falerina’s garden in Orgagna.

Narcissus fountain
Dying of unrequited love, an Eastern queen condemns Narcissus to the same cruel fate.

Fonte della Fata
The Tartar hero Mandricardo is entertained by maidens at the Fountain of the Fairy in Syria – until the giant Malapresa crashes the party.

Rugiero e Bradamante
Bradamante falls in love with Rugiero after experiencing his courtesy and learning about his family history and formative years.

Fiordispina desires Bradamante
Fiordispina desires Bradamante, mistaking her for a male knight. Bradamante explains she is a woman and offers her friendship. (This occurs in the first video clip from the puppet play “Ricciardetto si finge Bradamante per amor di Fiordispina.”)


Jo Ann Cavallo, Orlando Innamorato di Matteo Maria Boiardo: rielaborato e reso in versione abbreviata per ragazzi. Orlando in Love: abridged and translated for young readers. Bilingual edition with illustrations by Franco Mannarini. Casalgrande [RE]: Edizioni Teatromania/Teatro Nuovo, 2001.


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