The battle of Roncevaux/Roncisvalle

Sicilian puppet theater:

From La rotta di Roncisvalle, Figli d’Arte Cuticchio

I: “Il consiglio dei paladini di Carlomagno”:


II: “L’arrivo di Rinaldo a Roncisvalle”:

Palermo, December 28, 2002.



From La morte di Orlando, I paladini.

I: Gano proposes his treacherous plan to the Saracen king Marsilio:


[clip to be uploaded soon]


II: Gano reveals his intentions after Roncevaux in a soliloquy:



III: The battle of Roncevaux from behind the scenes:



IV: Before his death, Orlando asks pardon for having killed in battle but also accepts this is the nature of war:

Acireale, 2003.




From: La morte di Orlando, Antica Compagnia Opera dei Pupi Famiglia Puglisi.

I: Orlando wants to bring Marsilio in chains to Carlomagno’s feet:


II: Gano reveals his plan to Marsilio:



III: Oliviero’s death and Orlando’s lament:



IV: Orlando’s death:

Sortino, 2003.



Primaria compagnia siciliana dell’opera dei pupi di Caltagirone (5 clips):

Charlemagne is worried that he hasn’t heard news from Orlando of Marsilio’s baptism; Gano reveals his treachery in a soliloquy:


An angel appears to the penitent Rinaldo and instructs him to head to Roncisvalle to fight a final battle:


Rinaldo approaches Roncisvalle where he encounters Buiaforte, son of the Veglio della Montagna, learns of Gano’s treachery, then turns the tide of the battle:


Orlando blows the olifant:


Reunion of Rinaldo and Orlando; morte di Orlando:



Epic maggio:

Roncisvalle (Romolo Fioroni)
Performed by the Compagnia Maggistica di Costabona.


Excerpt from Enrico Messina’s Orlando: furiosamente solo rotolando:

Italian Academy, Columbia University, October 1, 2015. For all available scenes from this performance, see the Enrico Messina page.