Roncisvalle (Romolo Fioroni)

Performed by the Compagnia Maggistica di Costabona


Introduction (these unnumbered quartine and the below stanza numbers correspond to the script available on eBOIARDO):



Marsilio’s messengers present his proposal to Charlemagne (corresponds to stanzas 25-32, 34-38):



Alda and Orlando (corresponds to 40, 44-46):



Discussion among the paladins (corresponds to 47-50):



Gano encourages Charlemagne to return to France (corresponds to 105-110):



Before the departure (corresponds to stanzas 112-115, 129-133 in the libretto posted in eBOIARDO):



The battle from its onset to the death of Orlando (corresponds to 137, 139, 164, 166-168, 170-186):



The arrival of Alda on the battlefield (corresponds to 189, 192):


Charlemagne arrives on the battlefield (corresponds to 198-199, 202):



The death of Gano (corresponds to 215, [3 new quartine], 219-222):



Conclusion (corresponds to final two ariette, 226):

Rossena, July 2002.