Most of the projects listed below are described in the following open access essay:

Jo Ann Cavallo, “Italian Chivalric Literature and Digital Humanities.” Tirant 26 (2023): 125-139.


Global perspectives:

World Epics (

National Epics (


European horizons

Charlemagne: A European Icon (


Progetto Mambrino (

La chanson d’Aspremont (


The Italian tradition

eBOIARDO. Epics of Boiardo and Other Italian Authors: a Resource Database Online (

Libri Cavallereschi in Prosa e in Versi (

Galassia Ariosto ( [currently unavailable]


Individual chivalric authors: Boiardo, Ariosto, and Tasso

Centro Studi Matteo Maria Boiardo (

Orlando Furioso Atlas (

Furioso Chronology (!AEuAwRpBOBctk9g) This is Erik Sundquist’s timeline for the entire Furioso along with a prose summary and list of characters. His introduction to the project outlines the problems in rationalizing Ariosto’s interwoven tales as he sees them: There are also separate links for his detailed summary  ( ) and list of characters that notes their first appearance in the poem (, both in progress.

Il poema immaginato: Visioni dell’Orlando furioso tra XX e XXI secolo (

L’Orlando furioso e la sua traduzione in immagini ( [currently unavailable]

Orlando Furioso in Valtellina (

Cantar Maggio con Ariosto (

Tasso Online (

Tasso in Music Project (


Franco-Italian works

RIALFrI – Digital Repertory of Medieval Franco-Italian Literature (

Huon d’Auvergne Digital Archive (


In puppetry

Puppet plays (