Il giardino di Falerina

Boiardo, Orlando Innamorato 2.3.66-2.5.24


Theatical adaptations:

Il giardino di Falerina
“Orlando al giardino di Falerina” (from Act II)

Episodes from Boiardo’s Orlando Innamorato, rendered into a two-act theatrical version by Jo Ann Cavallo and adapted by Paolo Tartamella, performed by American university students and Italian actors in Scandiano (RE) and Vico del Gargano (FO), under the direction of Vittorio Capotorto in the context of Columbia University’s Summer Program in Scandiano (2001).


Student project:

Naomi Uman, “Il giardino di Falerina”

From Orlando Innamorato 2.4.2-85.
In the context of the course “Renaissance Perspectives: Boiardo and Ariosto,” Prof. Jo Ann Cavallo, Department of Italian, Columbia University, May 1993.