L’isola di Alcina

L’isola di Alcina, Teatroarte Cuticchio (Palermo):

Regia di Giacomo Cuticchio, con Giacomo, Franco, Teresa, Girolamo jr, Luisa, Helenia Cuticchio.




Astolfo, who had been searching for Orlando, is invited by a maiden to dine with Alcina:


The hippogriff takes Ruggiero to Alcina’s island and the knight encounters Astolfo (transformed in the meantime into a myrtle tree) who warns him about Alcina:


Melissa in Merlin’s cave, summons a demon who informs her that Bradamante has lost Ruggiero, who is far away in Alcina’s island. Bradamante commands the demon to take her there:


Ruggiero, having come to his senses, repudiates Alcina, who summons her forces against Ruggiero. Battle between Ruggiero and Alcina’s ex-lovers, transformed back into human form. After Ruggiero’s victory over many, he uses the spell-breaking ring to destroy the castle and free the rest of Alcina’s prisoners. Encounter with Astolfo who has regained his body

The above excerpts from “Astolfo nell’isola di Alcina dall’Orlando Furioso” are taken from Mimmo Cuticchio: L’opera dei pupi, Sabrina Salvatorelli’s documentary on the puppet theater company Figli d’arte Cuticchio, RAI 5. (Courtesy of Giacomo Cuticchio).

See also “Astolfo nell’incanto della Maga Alcina,” a 2014 performance of the episode by Figli d’arte Cuticchio.



Photographs from the puppet adaptation of Caccini’s “Liberation of Ruggiero from the Island of Alcina” by the Carter Family Marionettes (2007)

Melissa and Alcina:


Astolfo and a monster:

Carter Family Marionettes (Seattle, WA)
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