“Astolfo nell’isola di Alcina” (Figli d’arte Cuticchio)

1 Charlemagne discusses Angelica’s arrival in Paris and the subsequent disruption to his court:


2 Astolfo, who had been searching for Orlando, is invited by a maiden to dine with Alcina:


3 Bradamante in the cave with Melissa hears about her future from Merlin’s skeleton:


4 Bradamante arrives at an inn and seeks a servant to accompany her to Atlante’s castle:


5 The hippogriff takes Ruggiero to Alcina’s and the knight encounters with Astolfo (transformed in the meantime into a myrtle tree) who warns him about Alcina:


6 Melissa in Merlin’s cave, summons a demon who informs her that Bradamante has lost Ruggiero, who is far away in Alcina’s island. Bradamante commands the demon to take her there:


7 Ruggiero, having come to his senses, repudiates Alcina, who summons her forces against Ruggiero. Battle between Ruggiero and Alcina’s ex-lovers, transformed back into human form. After Ruggiero’s victory over many, he uses the spell-breaking ring to destroy the castle and free the rest of Alcina’s prisoners. Encounter with Astolfo who has regained his body:


From the documentary Mimmo Cuticchio: L’opera dei pupi, RAI 5 (copy courtesy of Giacomo Cuticchio)