Viaggio di Astolfo (Giacomo Cuticchio)

From Viaggio di Astolfo sulla Luna
Giovane Compagnia Figli D’Arte Cuticchio

  1. Astolfo arrives at the palazzo incantato (or castello delle menzogne):


2. After destroying the enchantment at the palazzo incantato (or castello delle menzogne), Astolfo discovers the hippogriff left behind when everyone else fled at the sound of his horn:


3. Orlando goes crazy:


4. Astolfo arrives at the table of Senapo/Prester John and chases away the harpies that were defiling the priest king’s meals:


5. Astolfo gathers up Orlando’s wits (as well as his own) during his trip to the moon under the guidance of St John:


6. Astolfo cures Orlando of his madness:

Diretto da Giacomo Cuticchio
Castellammare del Golfo (PA), Sicily, August 2003.