Orlando contro Rinaldo (Vincenzo Argento)

Orlando contro Rinaldo per la bella Angelica (Associazione Culturale Agramante di Vincenzo Argento e Figli)


Orlando vs. Rinaldo for Angelica:


Agramente tells his warriors that he wants to conquer France:


Malagise visits a demon in the underworld to find the whereabouts of Orlando and Rinaldo:



Angelica asks Charlemagne for her freedom:


Charlemagne interrupts the fight between Orlando and Rinaldo, offering Angelica as a prize to the knight who most distinguishes himself in the upcoming battle against the Saracens:


After Charlemagne thanks Rinaldo and Orlando for their service, both knights ask him for Angelica:


When Charlemagne chastizes Rinaldo and Orlando for their behaviour, they each make excuses:


Charlemagne announces a month of festivities in Paris:

Palermo, summer of 2002


La battaglia di Orlando e Rinaldo per l’amore di Angelica. April 10, 2021.