Nino and Enzo Mancuso


Nino Mancuso (puppeteer, province of Palermo), 1934-2013

Termini Merese, August 10, 2002

His preferred episode (“la morte di Don Chiaro”):

Examples of today’s repertory (“la morte di Milone” and “Rinaldo e Orlando per la bella Angelica”):

Angelica and episodes linked to her arrival in Charlemagne’s court (from the opening of the Orlando Innamorato):


Enzo Mancuso (puppeteer, son of Nino Mancuso, province of Palermo)
Palermo, August, 2002

On how he prepares a new episode (returning to the scripts and to La storia dei paladini di Francia):


On why he became a puppeteer:


On his favorite character (Rinaldo):


On his sources of knowledge of the chivalric narratives:


Enzo Mancuso’s introduction to his puppets with their insignia:


Enzo Mancuso shows his uncle’s (Indian) Angelica puppet:


Enzo Mancuso’s workshop:


Enzo Mancuso’s puppet theater I (with cartelli, stage, close-up of hippogriff):


Enzo Mancuso’s puppet theater II (with benches, cartelli, stage):