Girolamo, Franco, Giacomo Cuticchio

Girolamo Cuticchio (puppeteer, Teatroarte Cuticchio)

re: “La morte di Milone” (from I reali di Francia)

re: Giusto lo Dico

re: the duration of their cycle and examples of deeply felt episodes (“la morte di Milone” and Rinaldo’s vicissitudes with Charlemagne)

re: today’s public

Franco and Giacomo Cuticchio (puppeteers, sons of Girolamo Cuticchio)

re: traditional puppet theater and characters portrayed, including favorite character (Rinaldo)

re: Giusto lo Dico as point of departure for development and improvisation

re: their experience as puppeteers

re: examples of plays they still perform

re: their father, Girolamo Cuticchio, and their children

re: performing for today’s public