Ruggiero, Bradamante, e Leone

scene tratte dallo spettacolo Bradamante e Ruggiero: Amore e duello della compagnia Teatroarte Cuticchio:

Regia di Giacomo Cuticchio.

Critical studies:

Nicole Botti, “Bradamante sei vinta? Uno studio del personaggio della donna guerriera in tre pièces teatrali.” FILOLOGIA ANTICA E MODERNA N.S. II, 2 (XXX, 50), 2020: 7-22. Abstract: This paper focuses on the character of Bradamante in three theatrical rewritings of chapters XLIV-XLVI of the Furioso. Analysis of text and dramatic strategies shows how authors exploit and reinterpret for the scene the characteristics of Ariosto’s hero, in an exchange with the original episode and the whole poem. The choice of three pièces fairly different in terms of nature and context allows to track the evolution of the character and its reception in the late 16th and early 17th centuries.