Romolo Fioroni (1928-2010)

Società del maggio Costabonese


On the disruption in the maggio company after 1953 during a period in which people rejected traditional culture:


On the revival of the company in 1962:


On the public’s adherence to the maggio performances in 1962:


On collecting maggio scripts with Giorgio Vezzani (between 1963-1968):


On the maggio tradition as the spirit of a local community and difficulty of continuing in the future if this spirit is absent:



On the public attending the maggio today, the evolution in the maggio scripts, his Roncisvalle, the continued attachment of the public to the tradition:



On female singers:



On the influence of the maggio on the naming of children and the conferring of nicknames:


The preparation of a maggio by the company:



On the participation of the public after a maggio is concluded:



On the local community’s familiarity with chivalric narratives through group readings (in the past):


On the Roncisvalle:



On the character of Alda:



On what one learns from a maggio (including Roncisvalle):


On his sense of being fortunate for his involvement with the maggio tradition:

Costabona, July 2002.


Audio-only interview (topics range from his involvement with the epic maggio tradition through the years to everyday life in Costabona and the surrounding towns past and present):

The interview took place in Romolo Fioroni’s studio in August 2003.
The image used above is taken from the cover of the DVD in his honor, “Nel ricordo di Romolo Fioroni, Ca’ Marastoni 2010” (Archivio Giorgio Vezzani, “Il Cantastorie,” Reggio Emilia).


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