Ricciardetto si finge Bradamante per amor di Fiordispina

1) Bradamante has previously battled a serpent as well as evildoers who attempted to capture her and sell her as a slave. In this scene, Fiordispina desires Bradamante, whom she mistakes for a male knight. Bradamante explains she is a woman and offers her friendship.


2) Fiordispina and Bradamante spend the night together. While Bradamante sleeps, Fiordispina laments her fate.


3) Rinaldo informs his brothers that he has called them back to Montalbano because Agramante has assembled an army to invade Christendom and to lay siege to Paris.


4) Bradamante arrives and explains she was delayed as a prisoner of love in Fiordispina’s castle. Ricciardetto plans to win over Fiordispina by impersonating his sister.


5) Ricciardetto (as Bradamante) has been admitted into Fiordispina’s castle. In this scene, Fiordispina and a naked Ricciardetto are in the bedroom. Fiordispina is elated upon hearing that Bradamante has been transformed into a male and proceeds to act on the good news.


6) Marsilio goes to see his daughter Fiordispina since he has not heard from her for several weeks.


7) Marsilio, upon discovering Ricciardetto in bed with his daughter, orders Fiordispina to be imprisoned and Ricciardetto to be burned at the stake.


8) Nofrio and Virticchio


From “Ricciardetto si finge Bradamante per amor di Fiordispina”

Associazione Figli d’arte Cuticchio, Teatro dei pupi Santa Rosalia. Palermo, February 21, 2016.

Oprante: Giaccomo Cuticchio

Manianti e combattenti: Tiziana Cuticchio and Tania Giordano.

Video courtesy of Giacomo Cuticchio.