Le prime imprese di Orlandino

Teatroarte Cuticchio

Almonte kills Milone
After Milone has extended various reprieves to his opponent Almonte during the North African invasion of Calabria, the latter refuses to do the same when Milone remains unprotected by armor and instead discourteously exploits his advantage:



Orlandino in Aspromonte
Having escaped from the seminary to join the Christian troops in the Aspromonte mountain range, Orlandino arrives at the camp and learns that his father has not returned from battle:



Orlandino kills Almonte
As Almonte is about to kill Charlemagne, Orlandino arrives on the scene to rescue the emperor and avenge his father’s death. As a reward, he gains Almonte’s olifant and sword Durlindana:


Performance filmed in Cefalù.