interview with Enzo Rossi (1932-2004)


On his regular attendance at Monreale’s puppet theater in his youth and the cycles performed:


On the traditional public’s preference for certain characters, including Rinaldo’s adopted son Morbello (Malaguerra), a character invited by Giusto Lo Dico:


On his favorite character (Marfisa):


On additional female characters and women among the public:


On the death of Ruggiero and, subsequently, Bradamante:


On the sources of his knowledge of chivalric episodes (puppet theater and Giusto Lo Dico) and, briefly, the state of puppet theater in Monreale in the 1950s:


On the traditional public’s knowledge of the stories (via puppet theater, Giusto Lo Dico, and public recitations/readings):


On storytellers and cantastorie:


On some differences between past and present:


On the Angelica puppet:

This interview took place at the Teatro Drammatico di Onofrio Sanicola in Monreale, August 2002.


Enzo Rossi at his souvenir stand in Monreale (2002):


Omaggio al Monrealese Enzo Rossi

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