Orlando lascia Parigi in cerca di Angelica

Orlando Furioso, Marionettistica Fratelli Napoli
In a scene not found in the original poem, Alda tries to convince Orlando not to leave Paris in search of Angelica (8:03-14:38):


From Orlando: Furiosamente solo rotolando by Enrico Messina:

Night in the camp and Orlando’s flight / La Notte al campo e la Fuga di Orlando. All the soldiers sleep at night, snoring like one huge body. Only one doesn’t sleep: Orlando, smitten with love, finds no rest. He has but one thought: Angelica…Angelica…Angelica… exhausted, he decides to escape the camp, and search for his love.

Italian Academy, Columbia University, October 1, 2015. For all available scenes from this performance, see the Enrico Messina page.