Alessandro Napoli

On the three puppet families that remained active (Fratelli Napoli in Catania; in Palermo, Giacomo’s son Mimmo as well as Girolamo and his children) as well as puppeteers that revived the tradition of their immediate families (Enzo Mancuso in Palermo, Canino’s nephew Salvatore Olivieri in Alcamo) and a third group who became puppeteers because their grandfathers had practiced the art (Ignazio Manlio Puglisi in Sortino, Fratelli Vaccaro-Mauceri in Siracusa):


On the play L’Oro dei Napoli: origin, development, thematics:

On the three types of plays that the Marionettistica dei Fratelli Napoli performs today:

Studioso dell’opera dei pupi e componente della Marionettistica dei Fratelli Napoli di Catania.

Palermo, August 2002.