Hypertension: Introduction

Case Presentation

Mary Johnson is a 39 year old African American woman who presents today for a routine check up. She has no specific complaints. She has been a patient of this practice for six years.

Patient Chart | Mary Johnson
Past Medical History – None. Vaccinations are up to date.Medications – None.

Gynecologic History – Menarche age 12. No history of menstrual irregularities. Menses every 28 days and has normal flow for 4 days. Last period was two weeks ago. She is gravida 2 para 2 having two children via normal spontaneous vaginal deliveries in the past. No history of STIs. Pap smears and breast exams are all normal in past years. She uses condoms only as contraception.

Past Surgical History – None

Social History – She speaks English. Married to her husband and 2 children (all of whom are your patients). She works as a banking department manager. She is sexually active with her husband only. She drinks 2 glasses of wine on weekends. She has never smoked. Denies any drug use. Has good emotional support from her family and her parents live nearby (and they are also your patients).

Family History – Father has blood pressure and cholesterol problems. Mother is overweight but generally healthy. Sister is healthy. No other problems reported.

ROS – Completely negative

Vital Signs – BP 145/80 | P 73 | R 20 | T 98.6 | Weight 190 | Height 5 feet 8 inches | Waist circumference 35 inches | BMI 28.9

The physician in the examination room setting

Doctor, is my blood pressure high?

This video segment will show clips of the examination as well as the doctor giving blood pressure information to the patient.


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