Goals and Objectives-Hyperlipidemia

Students will be able to demonstrate competencies in knowledge, skills, and attitudes of an effective clinician in evaluating and caring for culturally diverse patients with hyperlipidemia in the primary care setting.

Medical Knowledge

The students will:

  1. Describe the evidence-based aspects of national guidelines for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk assessment and management (2013 ACC/AHA Guideline)
  2. List the clinical information required to provide an individual patient with an estimate of their cardiovascular risk using the 2013 ACC/AHA calculator.
  3. List elements of lifestyle modification in hyperlipidemia patients.
  4. Describe the benefits and risk associated with statin therapy

Patient Care

The students will:

  1. Perform and interpret cardiovascular risk assessments for individual patients.
  2. Develop management plans, including health education and behavioral change strategies, for patients with high cholesterol, following national clinical practice guidelines.
  3. Counsel patients on how to reduce cardiovascular risk through lifestyle changes.
  4. Assess individual patients for determinants of health related to their personal background and understanding of illness.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

The students will:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of improved health outcomes through effective communication with patients.
  2. Demonstrate sensitivity to human differences and understanding of the impact of the social determinants of health (such as gender, ethnic, cultural background, socioeconomic and other social factors).

Practice Based Learning

The students will:

  1. Use information technology to access medical information and support self-education and clinical decision making.
  2. Critically review the medical literature regarding recent evidence-based clinical trials and their implications for the evolution of treatment guidelines.
  3. Use information technology to access patient and family education resources on hyperlipidemia.


The students will:

  1. Demonstrate professionalism by completing this web module during the assigned period.

Systems Based Practice

The students will:

  1. Demonstrate awareness of practicing cost-effective health care and resource allocation that does not compromise quality of care.


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