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New Graphic Novel Book Groups
Fall 2020-Spring 2021
Visual Texts on Complex East Asian Subjects
We are pleased to announce our new line up of online Book Groups covering rich topics in East Asian History. Join us to read historical and first-person accounts of important events in Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Tibetan history, and learn how to incorporate these texts into your classroom! Participation is free and Professional Development credit is available.
Black Ships: An Illustrated Japanese History - The Americans Arrive
Written by Sean Michael Wilson, Illustrated by Akiko Shimojima
September 9 - October 6, 2020
4 Sessions; 8 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
In 1853 the arrival of Commodore Perry and four American ships forced Japan to open up to trade. "Black Ships" conveys the personalities of the key figures in the drama: on one side, Commodore Perry and his captains, and on the other, Shogunate officials Abe Masahiro and Hayashi Akira. These events mark the final years of the Edo period, as the feudal Tokugawa shogunate took its last breaths and gave way to the Meiji government.
The Satsuma Rebellion: Illustrated Japanese History - The Last Stand of the Samurai
Written by Sean Michael Wilson, Illustrated by Akiko Shimojima
October 14 - November 3, 2020
4 Sessions; 8 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
Award-winning authors and illustrators tell the riveting story that changed the face of modern Japan. "The Satsuma Rebellion" portrays the bloody uprising of 1877, when Satsuma rebels, led by the infamous Saigo Takamori, fought enforced modernization by the Meiji government. Their crushing defeat by the imperial army ended their power once and for all and ushered in an era of modern technology and Western military methods.
Banned Book Club
Written by Kim Hun Sook & Ryan Estrada, Illustrated by Ko Hyung-Ju
November 18 - December 22, 2020
5 Sessions; 10 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
It's 1983 during South Korea's Fifth Republic ― a military regime has entrenched its power through censorship, torture, and the murder of protesters. In this charged political climate, a freshman named Kim Hyun Sook seeks refuge in the comfort of books and an unusual book club. Hyun Sook soon discovers, in a totalitarian regime, the delights of discovering great works of illicit literature are quickly overshadowed by fear and violence. In "Banned Book Club," Hyun Sook shares her dramatic true story of political strife, fear-mongering, the death of democratic institutions, and the relentless rebellion of reading.
Tiananmen 1989: Our Shattered Hopes
Written by Lun Zhang & Adrien Gombeaud, Illustrated by Ameziane
January 5 - February 9, 2021
5 Sessions; 10 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
Follow the story of China's infamous, June Fourth Incident - otherwise known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre ― from the first-hand account of a young sociology teacher who witnessed it all.
The 14th Dalai Lama: A Manga Biography
Written and illustrated by Tetsu Saiwai
February 17 - March 16, 2021
4 Sessions; 8 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
At the age of two, Tenzin Gyatso, child of a peasant family in northeastern Tibet, was recognized as the reincarnation of his predecessor, the Thirteenth Dalai Lama ― the manifestation of the Buddha of Compassion. Just fourteen years later, this young man assumed full political power over his nation upon the invasion of Chinese forces.
by Keum Suk Gendry-Kim
April 7 - May 11, 2021
4 Sessions; 8 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
The term "comfort women" is widely used to refer to the victims of Japanese military sexual slavery. "Grass" is a powerful antiwar graphic novel, telling the life story of a Korean girl named Okseon Lee who was forced into sexual slavery for the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War ― a disputed chapter in twentieth-century Asian history. Beginning in Lee’s childhood, "Grass" shows the lead-up to the war from a child’s vulnerable perspective, detailing how one person experienced the Japanese occupation and the widespread suffering it entailed for ordinary Koreans.
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Asia for Educators (AFE) is an initiative of the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University. AFE receives generous funding for professional development on East Asia from the Freeman Foundation. AFE is a member of The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA), which is generously funded by the Freeman Foundation as a multi-year initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about East Asia in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. NCTA is a premier provider of professional development on East Asia. AFE also receives funding from the U.S. Department of Education.
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2020 STARTALK/NHLRC Teacher Workshop

Workshop Dates: June 22-26, 2020 at UCLA

This workshop is designed to help language teachers face the challenge of teaching heritage language (HL) students. The workshop will open on June 1, 2020, with online assignments for three weeks. This will be followed by a five-day face-to-face workshop (June 22-26, 2020). Accepted participants will be required to complete the online assignments as well as the face-to-face workshop.


The online assignments will focus on identifying and addressing the linguistic gaps in HL students’ language, differentiated teaching, and teaching mixed classes. The face-to-face workshop will focus on how to use project-based learning (PBL) as a useful tool in heritage language instruction.


There is no charge for the workshop. A limited number of stipends will cover travel and accommodations for out-of-state participants.

The workshop's goals are for participants to:

  1. Understand the needs of HL learners.
  2. Design projects and select materials that build on HL students’ initial proficiencies and meet both their linguistic and affective needs.
  3. Identify criteria and strategies for developing PBL curricula.
  4. Understand how to structure and pace a project-based unit.
  5. Understand how to select and use authentic materials, and develop real-life activities to accompany them.
  6. Become familiar with the principles of differentiated and macro-based teaching.


The application period is now open and will close on March 31, 2020.


Please be aware that you must submit a CV with your application.


Click on the following link to apply:

For more information about the teacher workshop, please visit


Tuesday, March 3rd5:30-7:30 pm

Wednesday, April 15th5:30-7:30 pm

Professional Development Session Options (choose one)

I. An Age Old Problem And The Future of Education

PresenterZoltan Sarda

Session Description
What shifts will educators need
to contemplate as we prepare students for a future in which skills and knowledge needed are largely unknown? What if we really need to begin with a major shift in our conception of how students learn?

As a way to explore these questions, this workshop will focus on the kind of thinking and learning that happens when a group of individuals work together to solve a simple engineering challenge. After completion of the activity, the group will participate in ade-briefing and discussion. Intendedfor all K-12 educators.

II. Learning through Language Immersion

Yibo Lu and Julie Yankowitz

Session Description
Immersion education is more than
an academic pursuit. It is a dailypractice that transforms the way students see and think about theworld. Immersion teachers don’tteach another language; they teach in another language. This workshop will offer participants a chance toexplore the benefits of bilingualismand discuss how second languagesare learned. We’ll introduce theprinciples of immersion education and give participants a sneak peek into the immersion program at Avenues.Intended for all language or languageimmersion teachers.

III. Building Empathy, Creativity and Metacognition in Kids: A Toolkit for Teachers

Curtis Murungi and Erin Sheehan

Session Description
How do we teach our students to solve problems that we cannot imagine in a world that does not yet exist? This workshop is designed to provide a toolkit for educators who seek to help students to develop, through focused deliberate practice, the thinking skills – namely empathy, creativity, and metacognition – thatunderlie fluid intelligence and that are vital to problem solving in arapidly-changing world. We will learn how to use in-class Writing and Math challenges as tools through which to engage students in the deliberate, intentional, and systematic practiceof these thinking skills. Intended
for middle school teachers, but allare welcome.

Join us at Avenues: The World School for professional learning from some of our top-notch leaders about various instructional topics implemented at our New York Campusand beyond. See below for session offerings.

Light dinner will be served as well as a brief tour of our campus. Admission is free.

Location: NYC Campus, 259 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001

RSVP via or by contacting Lara Silvas

CIEE – the largest study abroad nonprofit organization – is recruiting experienced teachers to lead high school students on their summer abroad experiences. CIEE Global Navigator programs last 3 to 4 weeks and run twice between 6/14 and 8/8. The study abroad programs take students to more than 50 global destinations to focus on language learning (French, Spanish, German, Italian,Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic), service projects, or passion topics such as visual arts, marine science or international relations. We are seeking Mandarin speakers with experience abroad to lead our Chinese Language & Culture program in Tainan, Taiwan!  This paid opportunity isa unique chance to get professional development and international experience during the summer. Benefit from training in intercultural learning, group management overseas, and language/subject immersion—all while networking with like-minded peers. Click here to learn more and start an application today!


*Please note that Taiwan will not issue travel permits to anyone holding a People’s Republic of China passport that at this time, therefore Program Leaders must be U.S passport holders to meet Taiwan Program Leader eligibility requirements.*

CAIS as a Workplace

Chinese American International School is dedicated to attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining a world-class faculty and ensuring that this is a great place to work. We put a high priority on advances in compensation, benefits, and work climate with a 2020–2021 benefits package and perks including:

Distinctively CAIS Benefits

• Down payment assistance for home purchase
• Commuter benefits (up to $265/month) for lead

• China Faculty Institute (teacher trips to China and

• Chaperone student trips to Taiwan (Taipei) and

China (Guilin and Yunnan Province)
• Below-Market Rental process assistance
• Realtor services provided for rental search
• Dynamic, dual culture setting valuing honest self

assessment, thoughtful self reflection, intentional planning, and focused implementation

Financial Benefits

  • CAIS contributes 5% of your earnings immediately in a 403(B) retirement plan (no contribution required on your part)
  • Transparent salary scale benchmarked to the Bay Area’s competitive standards, including step increases and annual cost-of-living adjustments
  • Consideration for relocation costs
  • Approximately 90% adjustment to tuition forexempt employeesProfessional Development
  • Robust opportunities for conferences, workshops, and courses
  • Introductory Chinese class for faculty/staff
  • Membership in California Teacher Development

Health Benefits

  • CAIS pays 100% of the premium for medical, dental, vision, acupuncture, short-term disability and long-term disability, and life insurance for you (along with competitive rates for spouse and family coverage)
  • Employer-funded Health Savings Account (HSA) and Pre-tax HSA employee contribution
  • Pre-tax Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for medical and dependent careVacation / Holiday / Paid Time Off• Thanksgiving Break – 1 week
    • Winter Break (December/January) – 2 weeks
    • Winter Break (February) – 1 week
    • Spring Break (April) – 1 week
    • Summer Break – 9 weeks of summer from mid-

    June to mid-August
    • Paid holidays according to the school calendar • Up to 2 additional days off for religious holidays • Accrue 11.5 days of Sick Time annually
    • Accrue 3 days of Personal Time annually

    Quality of Life and Appreciation

    • Appreciation breakfasts
    • Wellness programming
    • Monthly appreciation lunches
    • Twice-yearly Faculty/Staff Appreciation Weeks • Annual milestones luncheon
    • Free tickets to annual dinner/dance gala
    • Chinese New Year luncheon
    • Birthday gift cards

To better understand China and formulate effective policy, the United States needs to train a new generation of scholars who possess deep understanding of China’s contemporary politics, society, and modern history, as well as fluency in Chinese language. These specialists are essential to inform U.S. public policy and to train successive generations of American experts.

Chinese Language Fellowship ProgramThe Chinese Language Fellowship Program (CLFP) addresses these needs by providing fellowships of up to $45,000 to American PhD students so that they can devote one year to intensive Chinese language training at an institution of the fellow’s choice, generally in China or Taiwan. The fellowship is intended to cover all expenses at a graduate student level, including tuition, housing living stipend, and other miscellaneous fees.

The Chinese Language Fellowship Program has been made possible through a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.


Application for the 2020–21 academic year is now open. The deadline for applications is January 20, 2020. Apply now.


The Chinese Language Fellowship Program aims to:

  • Build a generation of American scholars with outstanding Chinese language skills, strengthening the level of national expertise in the field.
  • Ensure the quality of instruction for future generations of American students focused on China (based on the enhanced skills/training of those fellows who choose to remain and work within academia upon completing their PhDs).
  • Enrich the level of understanding of critical issues in U.S.-China relations, as well as the ability to shape policy in the United States and engage with Chinese stakeholders in China (based on the enhanced skills/training for those fellows who choose to enter public service after earning their PhDs).

Tsinghua University campus

Tsinghua University campus, Beijing (Photo by drnan tu)

Online Professional Development on East Asia

Our Fall Book Groups on China Continue!

Comics, Graphic Novels and Drama
You can still join our Fall Book Groups looking at Chinese history through the lens of texts that bring the past to life! We will cover the much-adapted Mulanstarting Oct 23, followed by the Graphic Novel Forget Sorrow Nov 20 (read an interview with author/artist Belle Yang here).
Our the series Understanding China through Comics continues in the new year along with the graphic novel, A Chinese Life.
Read and work on your own time; earn professional development hours that also count towards study tour requirements.

Understanding China Book Groups

Understanding China - Mulan

Mulan: Five Versions of a Classic Chinese Legend
Understanding China through Drama
by Shiamin Kwa and Wilt L. Idema (Translators)
October 23 - November 19, 2019
4 Sessions; 8 PD Hour
Moderator: Lynn Kalinauskas
Register Here

Understanding China - Forget Sorrow

Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale
Understanding China through Graphic Novels
by Belle Yang
November 20 - December 17, 2019
4 Sessions; 8 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
Register Here

Understanding Exra1
A great way to learn about China's vast history!
- Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club, on Understanding China Through Comics

Understanding China - Barbarians

Barbarians and the Birth of Chinese Identity: The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms to the Yuan Dynasty (907 - 1368)
Understanding China through Comics, Book 3
by Jing Liu
January 8 - January 28, 2020
3 Sessions; 6 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
Register Here

Understanding China - Modern

The Making of Modern China: The Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty (1368-1912)
Understanding China through Comics, Book 4
by Jing Liu
January 29 - February 18, 2020
3 Sessions; 6 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane
Register Here

Combines breezy style with historical rigor to strike just the right gong-tone for 
a middle school audience approaching the vast scope of Chinese history.
Education About Asia on Understanding China Through Comics

Understanding China - Chinese Life

A Chinese Life
Understanding China through Graphic Novels
Written by Philippe Ôtié and Li Kunwu, Illustrated by Li Kunwu, Translated by Edward Gauvin
February 19 - April 14, 2020
8 Sessions; 16 PD Hours
Moderator: Karen Kane

Register Here

(A Look into A Chinese Life)

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Asia for Educators (AFE) receives generous funding for professional development on East Asia from the Freeman Foundation. AFE is a member of The National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) , which is generously funded by the Freeman Foundation as a multi-year initiative to encourage and facilitate teaching and learning about East Asia in elementary and secondary schools nationwide. NCTA is a premier provider of professional development on East Asia. AFE also receives funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

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