Chinese CR Children’s Literature Retold

CR= Culturally Relevant/Responsive

The A&HB 6402 students have adapted stories and developed related content-teaching digital bins. Check their creative work out in the Student Portfolio and find more ideas for online stories creation here. Special thanks to Ms. Rebecca Solow for giving us a series of illustration workshops.

What is the concept of Digital Bins?

The Digital Bins allow us to curate multimodal materials in one virtual space, which in turn gives teachers more flexibilities to meet the learning needs of our bilingual students in classroom and beyond.

How could teachers curate multimodal materials?

Teachers can make audio or video recordings out of the  printed texts, add supplementary online exercises or other interactive websites that are related to a given theme or prescribed curricula. Teachers can invite students to be the co-constructors of their learning community through sharing photography, playing games, singing songs and conducting digital storytelling projects, etc.