Online Stories Creation

Why we are retelling these culturally relevant stories today?

How could we create online stories?

  1. Think about a Chinese fable story, idiom story, or traditional customs that you (bilingual teachers, parents) would like to communicate with our bilingual children.
  2. Outline a draft/plan (description and an analysis) for your story.
  3. Draw your story. (Browse as many content-related pictures as possible for inspiration)
  4. Write the narration part of the story.
  5. Digitalize your story (use Pixton, LittleBirds, Storybird and some other online comic creation tools).
  6. Record your story using Screen-o-Matic, a free screen recording software.
  7. Upload your clip to social media platform to share.

Here are some ready-made online stories narrated in Chinese:

Instruction is available for United Literacy.