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Turbulence for Turbines—Gone with the Prospect for Wind?

Vacationing at the beach always provokes amazing sensory experiences. Everything about lounging in the sand soaking up sunshine, hearing waves crash along the shore, feeling a gentle breeze, and watching a sunset infused with citrus colors relaxes the mind, body, and soul. Now picture an arc of sparkling white turbines dotting the horizon and reflecting the setting sun, their blades twirling as waves tumble below. The image in itself is striking, made only more majestic by the prospect of a clean energy future. The ability to build turbines that each produce 6 megawatts of clean energy in offshore locations seems unreal. Wind capturing technology has made incredible strides since grain-grinding mills first became widespread, but something is holding it back from reaching its potential.

offshore turbines at sunset

“Row Of Turbine Windmills Offshore At Sunset,” Desktop Nexus 2014

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An Introduction to Livestock and the Climate Crisis


Grain-Fed Cattle
Courtesy of Institute for Livestock & the Environment

The industrial livestock sector is heating our planet at an alarming pace and will continue to do so unless sweeping changes are made to production practices and consumer habits. The contemporary conversation around climate change tends to focus on the consequences of an overreliance on fossil fuels. Meat production is often overlooked as a significant contributor to the climate crisis, despite emitting 18 percent of global greenhouse gases – a percentage point larger than that of all modes of transportation. Considering the ramifications of climate change, it is crucial to analyze and transform the relationship between meat production and the environment. Continue reading