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The Dangers of Antibacterial Soap

Hand soap with Triclosan. Courtesy of CAPL Washington and Jefferson College

When buying soap and cleaning products, most consumers purposefully purchase brands that are known for being antibacterial. It has been well advertised that antibacterial products are necessary for keeping people and their families safe from getting sick; as it turns out, this assumption that antibacterial is better is not being confirmed by modern research.  Additionally, the active ingredient in antibacterial soap, triclosan, is bad for the environment and potentially dangerous for humans.

Triclosan is a molecule that contains mostly carbons and chlorine, and was first patented in 1964. While that molecular makeup seems harmless, especially considering all healthy, organic compounds contain carbon and chlorine is a common atom that humans are exposed to, the particular structure may actually be detrimental to the environment and human health.
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An Introduction to Livestock and the Climate Crisis


Grain-Fed Cattle
Courtesy of Institute for Livestock & the Environment

The industrial livestock sector is heating our planet at an alarming pace and will continue to do so unless sweeping changes are made to production practices and consumer habits. The contemporary conversation around climate change tends to focus on the consequences of an overreliance on fossil fuels. Meat production is often overlooked as a significant contributor to the climate crisis, despite emitting 18 percent of global greenhouse gases – a percentage point larger than that of all modes of transportation. Considering the ramifications of climate change, it is crucial to analyze and transform the relationship between meat production and the environment. Continue reading