About ELEA

Today, nearly every ecosystem on Earth is facing some kind of disaster, from climate change and environmental degradation to pollution. Behind every ecological issue, however, are groups of scientists, NGOs and communities fighting to protect our natural world through innovation and leadership. Unfortunately, these stories – both of the destruction of our environment and those searching for solutions – often get under- reported or skewed in the news.

In order to improve the way humans interact with the environment, people must effectively communicate the issues. This website will dive deeper into these stories, walking readers through the environmental issues, but also chronicling what is being done to solve them. Students enrolled in Barnard College’s Environmental Leadership, Ethics, and Action course will use this blog to discuss topics ranging from the political and financial challenges of implementing renewable energy and the dangers of climate change to pollution and environmental education.

To keep up with these stories, we encourage you to visit the website week after week. You can also follow us on Twitter @ELEAbarnard.

We encourage readers to interact with our authors. Please feel free to comment on stories, connect with us, and send us links.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Diane Dittrick, Senior Associate, Co-Laboratory Director, Department of Environmental Sciences, Barnard College; ELEA Curriculum Creator and Developer

Deborah Coen, Associate Professor of History, Department of History, Department of Women’s Studies, Barnard College; ELEA Professor

Katherine Bagley, Environmental and Science Journalist at InsideClimate News; ELEA Adjunct Instructor

About ELEA, the class:

SCPP BC3335 Environmental Leadership, Ethics and Action (ELEA) is a student-centered, pro-active, real-time learning and leadership development experience that is co-created by the students of this upper-level seminar and facilitated by an interdisciplinary faculty. At the close of the semester, research projects are presented in a student-produced panel for the Barnard/Columbia community and general public.

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