AOQU  4.2 (2023). World Epics in Puppet Theater

Until recently, epic narratives remained at the forefront of their respective cultures through folk performance traditions, especially puppetry arts. Although this unique form of creative popular expression (at once genuinely local and quintessentially global) has now been largely supplanted by mass media entertainment, puppeteers can still be found today who bring to life heroes and heroines from centuries-old epic masterpieces. While puppet theater traditions reflect distinct and multifaceted political, social, and literary histories, they nevertheless contain many parallel features that invite comparative analysis and critical thinking. Some contemporary puppeteers, moreover, voice their views on perennial and contemporary issues by refashioning the original stories in order to actively question collective confrontations and challenge conventional societal attitudes.

For its eighth issue (IV, 2, 2023), AOQU invites proposals for a monographic section on epic narratives in puppet theater across time periods, languages, religions, and territories, including theoretical perspectives and comparative analyses.

The issue World Epics in Puppet Theater will be published in late 2023. Proposals of max. 1500 characters should be sent by 15 January 2023 to both and the guest editor, Jo Ann Cavallo, at Notification of acceptance will be given by 31 January 2023. Completed manuscripts should be submitted by 30 April 2023. Essays in Italian, English, French or Spanish are welcome.

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