Puppetry International: The Epic Issue
Fall and Winter, 2021   Issue #50


Editorials by Andrew Periale and Dassia Posner 

Unbounded in Time: Puppets and Epics by John Bell

Agrippino Manteo and His “Irreplaceable Scripts” by Jo Ann Cavallo

Puppetry in The Ring by Lisa Aimee Sturz

Who is Monkey? by Stephen Kaplin

Amir Hamzah: Epic of Islamization by Kathy Foley

Stewing an Alternative Epic: The Soup of Reincarnation by Chee-Hann Wu

A new epic: Anna Cuticchio’s cunto on Salvatore Carnevale by Anna Carocci

Epic Traditions in Puppet Theater: 4 Mini-Symposia by Jo Ann Cavallo

Tholpavakoothu: the Tradition of Narrating the Ramayana by Rahul Pulavar

Exhibit: Dan Hurlin retrospective by Claudia Orenstein

PIR Review: A Sneak Peak at Our New Journal


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