The first thing that I want to remark about this piece by Stravinsky is that the performance of the dancers perfectly coincide with the musical background. I was not too amused by the dissonant sounding tunes and the confusion which the ongoing aggressive sounds create beginning with the 4:00 mark. Nevertheless, once I saw the visuals of the dancers performing to the music, I realized that the movements of the dancers were extremely rash, harsh and hectic as well, which perfectly mirrored the music that accompanied the dancing. The strong correlation between the visuals and the music created a certain sense of harmony for me personally, which led me to enjoy the piece at first.

Also, from the beginning of the piece there was a lot of confusion. Nevertheless, throughout the middle of the piece there was a ritornello of a peaceful and light melody (8:15 and 11:37) which provided some sort of structure and organization to the piece. Also, something which is noticeable here is that the movements of the dancers is identical at both 8:15 and 11:37 when the same melody is played, since the dancers simply tip toe around the stage. The act of tip toeing is associated with lightness and softness which is beautifully reflected by the sound of the flute. Moreover, Stravinsky seems to enhance the structural effect of the ritornello by contrasting major and peacefully sounding tunes against abrupt interruptions with aggressive and loud instrumentation and sounds. The piece also contains a crescendo at around the 23:20 mark which again introduces a series of horns which generate a sense of confusion and hysteria

Nevertheless, after having been exposed to this crescendo, this piece has become too repetitive and one sided. The back and forth between the agitated sounds of the horns and the rhythm of the drums become too overwhelming. Also, due to the enormous amount of activity throughout the crescendos for instance, the movements of the dancers stop to perfectly synchronize with the sounds of the instruments. A distinct moment of that happens at 32:08 in which the centralized figure lays on the ground and slams her fist onto the surface twice. Nevertheless, these two punches were not accompanied with heavy percussion or drums. Hence, this was the part in which I became annoyed and stopped enjoying the piece, since any sense of musical consistency or logic  has been thrown out the window at that moment leaving me confused and irritated.


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