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When I first put on Lux aeterna, I started to get a bit bored, and I got distracted by Daily Mail. My point is that I automatically thought of this music as background music/noise, disappearing into some white noise nonsensical loop. Though this isn’t the first time I’ve been distracted, this was different because I had trouble finding much to engage in, there just wasn’t much “liveliness” and it felt lethargic. I think this is because there are very few satisfying cadences, and the sounds are ephemeral. In many of the recent pieces, the music is so erratic and deconstructive that each note seams like a cry for attention. However, this music is mellow and flowing. It sets a mood and it reminds me very much of horror/fantasy movie sound tracks. The music could be played during an eerie scene in the wilderness.

It also seems like a #throwback to the chants we heard at the very beginning. This has been the trend, with ensembles downsizing from large instrumented orchestras to chamber ensembles, to vocals with instrument accompaniment in the Pierrot Lunaire. Finally, we have a return to just vocal tones.

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