Copland, Appalachian Spring

From my past experience watching ballet, I thought that ballet featured simply dancers on a usually empty stage, so the house, fence, and chair set-up for the ballet stage made it more interesting. In addition, the dancers were wearing costumes. The whole setup made it easier for me to grasp what was going on as the costumes distinguished the pastor, groom, and bride. I had trouble putting together what the dance was supposed to represent and putting together the dance and music. I felt that the music was subservient to the dance. Interestingly, I felt the Copland-esque feeling from Hoe Down in part 2, and this conveyed a familiar affect for me.

In some specifics, I have more questions I wanted to raise. It becomes clear that they are getting married in part 3, and the theme at the beginning of part three along with the interplay between the bride and the groom was fun to watch as they switched from a ballet-like dance to a ball-like dance. Before that, I had trouble putting together what the female solo in part 2 was supposed to convey.

In part 3, the pastor stands out as he takes off the hat and the female members of the town hold it and the music distinctly changes to a more solemn and slower pace at 3:09. This contrasts with the festivities that take place right before. This mood seems to be carried by the groom at 6:13 as there is a separation of the piano and the orchestra which seems to convey a sense of departure. The ominous sound continues into 1:05 of part 4.

However, from 1:55 in part 4, we see the couple becoming closer, suggesting a sense of closeness as they hold hands and the music becomes calmer. The rocking chair and the motion suggests that they will have a family and leave peacefully. The piece conveyed multiple scenes, and I had trouble putting everything together.

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