“The Things our Fathers Loved” by Charles Ives

While this is a very short composition in comparison with others that we have listened to so far, I believe that Ives is able to pack a lot of emotion in to a small work. The piece is carried by only one male vocalist and one piano. The track begins with a smooth and gentle playing that feels as if we are being transported back in time to a memory of Ives’. The male voice displays a strength yet a great control of a prominent male figure in this memory. Up to this point it almost doesn’t sound like any of Ives’ works that we have studied up to now. Suddenly, there is a great shift in the music and it is much more lively  and you begin to hear a lot of dissonance and discord that are characteristics of Ives’ works. You are almost able to visualize this man walking down the street as he passes all the daily activity of the local people on “main street.” It’s as if Ives is taking us down this street with him. Then without any obvious forewarning we are brought back to a very emotional and nostalgic vocal, the dissonance ends and the track is concluded smoothly. Through this composition Ives is able to transport us to his town and give a great taste of the American society from his point of view.

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