The new Anthem World Epic and Romance series publishes rigorous, innovative scholarly studies dealing with epics and chivalric romances from across the globe, both written and oral, in poetry and prose, as well as adaptations in theater and cinema. The series seeks to foster new comparative and cultural understandings of heroic narratives, focusing on literary and geopolitical context, ranging from antiquity through the medieval and early modern period to contemporary society.

Published in 2021:

Victoria Muñoz, Spanish Romance in the Battle for Global Supremacy: Tudor and Stuart Black Legends

Published in 2022:

Robert Crossley, Epic Ambitions in Modern Times: From Paradise Lost to the New Millennium.

Published in 2023:

Jo Ann Cavallo, The Sicilian Puppet Theater of Agrippino Manteo (1884-1947): The Paladins of France in America

Aaron Sherraden, Śambūka’s Death Toll: A History of Motives and Motifs in an Evolving Rāmāyaṇa Narrative.


Series Editor
Jo Ann Cavallo – Columbia University, USA

Editorial Board
Catherine Bates – University of Warwick, UK
Brenda E. F. Beck – University of Toronto, Canada
Joel P. Christensen – Brandeis University, USA
Albrecht Classen – University of Arizona, USA
Olga M. Davidson – Boston University, USA
Thomas A. DuBois – University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Angelica A. Duran – Purdue University, USA
Ruth Finnegan – Open University, UK
Robert P. Goldman – University of California at Berkeley, USA
Elizabeth Jeffreys – Oxford University, UK
John Wm. Johnson – Indiana University, USA
Adeline Johns-Putra – Monash University, Malaysia
Sharon Kinoshita – University of California at Santa Cruz, USA
Elizabeth Oyler – University of Pittsburgh, USA
Emrah Pelvanoğlu – Yeditepe University, Turkey
Karl Reichl – University of Bonn, Germany
Dwight Reynolds – University of California at Santa Barbara, USA
Paula Richman – Oberlin College, USA
Charles S. Ross – Purdue University, USA
Luke Sunderland – Durham University, UK
Frederick Turner – University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Victoria Turner – University of St Andrews, Scotland

Anthem Press welcomes submissions of proposals for challenging and original works from emerging and established scholars that meet the criteria of our series. Titles are published in print and e-book editions and are subject to peer review by recognized authorities in the field. Should you wish to send in a proposal for a monograph (mid-length and full-length), edited collection, handbook or companion, reference or course book, please contact: