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Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in submitting your narratives to STORRI

Ideal submissions . . .

  1. Look deeply at a specific wobble moment in the classroom
    • By wobble, we mean the moments in your classroom that demand you pay attention, stop and think, raise a question, or inspire you to take a new stance. They are often moments of tension and are always opportunities for growth.
  2. Attempt to authentically and honestly capture moments in your classroom, even when those moments attest to the messiness of learning.
  3. Are thematically tied to at least one of the following categories
    • Crossing Cultures
      • By cultures we mean both big-C culture and little-c culture.
      • We believe that all people are a part of many cultures –maybe Polish culture or the culture of Cantonese speakers. The same person could also be a part of the culture of guitar players or sci-fi readers or muscle car lovers.
      • Each of these cultures plays into our individual identities, and at times the transactions among these cultures or attempts to teach across cultures can create moments of wobble.
    • Emerging Practice
      • When we think of emerging practice, we think of teachers who are in the first few years of their careers
      • We also think of veteran teachers who are bringing in new practices to their existing pedagogy.
    • Reflecting on Practice
      • Reflecting on practice is an intentionally broad category that lends itself to a variety of different moments in the classroom.
      • Submissions to this category could be about the big ah-ha moments or the smaller realizations that build over time.
  4. Resonate with the tone and style of the stories already published.
  5. Are between 500 and 1,500 words
  6. Are saved as a doc. or docx. file
  7. Submit your story here.