Reentry Simulation

transitioning from incarceration back into society

The goal of this simulation is for participants to gain an understanding of the significant obstacles faced by the over 600,000 people each year in the U.S. attempting to navigate the system upon their release from incarceration and returning home to their communities.

Check Identity

find assigned reentrant name

Read Life Card

access your possessions packet

Navigate Stations

complete tasks

Follow Schedule

4 weeks, 15min each

You are going home

Can you successfully navigate your life after release? 



This simulation takes place during your first month after release from prison. There are 4 rounds, of 15 minutes each, where each round represents 1 week. You will only have 15 minutes to complete your weekly tasks listed on your Life Card. Your identity has been randomly assigned, use the links below to find your reentrant name and your possessions packet. This packet contains several files including your “Identity and profile”, read this file carefully as it contains your background and living information,  job situation and some instructions.

Your possessions packet also includes  your Life Card. This card has the tasks you need to complete each of the 4 weeks. You may also use the Life Card to track your progress. You are on supervised release (parole), and you have a list of required tasks that must be completed each week in order to avoid the risk of being sent back to prison. Tasks are conducted at 20+ “stations” hosted  in separate Zoom rooms. At the end of each round go back “Home/ Main room” for a weekly debrief. 

Go Home/Main room to start the simulation and after each round.

After finding your identity and locating and familiarizing yourself with the content of your digital packet, all participants will join the Home/Main Zoom room to receive instructions before the simulation begins. In addition, after each round/week all simulation participants and facilitators will go to the Home/Main Zoom room for a debrief about the events of the week. Reentrants may join the Home/Main Zoom room during a round/week if they need to talk to the facilitator or if they are sent there by a station manager.

Join the Reentry Simulation Slack Channels to keep informed and connected

After joining the Reentry Simulation Slack workspace reentrants may use the general reentrant questions channel to ask questions during the weekly visits such as: Where do I find details about my living situation? How can I find my assigned name/ID? etc. Or to post or find answers to technical questions that other reentrants have already submitted. The facilitator announcements channel will be used by the main facilitator to broadcast messages, to everyone participating in the simulation, such as changes or clarifications of processes, time keeping, etc. Please keep an eye on this channel for incoming messages. 

Check Identity

You have been randomly assigned a name and the identity of a person coming home from prison (reentrant). Each identity comes with a possessions packet which contains a Life Card, background, living and job information and possessions.

Navigate Stations

Each week, you will visit various stations where you may need to obtain services or conduct transactions. Some of your interactions can result in random outcomes, which produce real life uncertainties.

Read Life Card

Your possession packet contains your Life Card. Use your Life Card to keep track of required weekly tasks due and completed. Your goal is to avoid the risk of being sent back to prison for non-compliance with the requirements of your supervised release.

Follow Schedule

You will spend four weeks visiting stations. Each “week” is a 15 minute segment. At the end of each “week” go Home/Main Zoom room to learn from and to share your experiences with others.