Find Assigned Name and Read Your Life Details

Identities & Life Cards

Your will be randomly assign a reentry name, follow the instructions below to find your new identity and life details.

  1. Find your reentrant name: The first step to start the simulation is to find your reentrant name. Click this link (link opens in a new tab) to to see  a list of participants real names and their respective reentrant name. Once you find your reentry name, come back to this page to continue with step 2 below. 
  2. Access your possessions packet: Locate your reentrant name below and click to access your possessions packet. The packet contains your Life Card, information about your background, living, job situation, documents and other possessions. Note that all items in your folder are read only, with the exceptions of your Life Card. This means you “cannot” add, remove or edit any item in the folder except from the Life Card, only station managers will be able to add, remove or edit items. 
  3. Review your Life Card: You are on supervised release (parole), and your Life Card has a list of required tasks that must be accomplished each week in order to avoid the risk of being sent back to prison. You may edit your Life Card to check off visits or keep notes of transactions you have completed at the different stations. To complete each task you must navigate the city map and locate and visit the corresponding station. You will find the map under the site link Stations and Schedule.