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Sorbonne Graduate Student Participants for 2016-17


We are delighted to announce the five Sorbonne graduate students selected to participate in FAB-Musiconis for 2016-17:

Raffaella Bortolini is a first-year Ph.D. student in musicology at Paris-Sorbonne University. She has a Master of Arts in medieval music performance (shawm) from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis and a Master of Music in historically informed performance (with a specialization in Baroque oboe) from the Hochschule für Musik, Freiburg im Breisgau. Bortolini co-founded Ensemble Seraphim, which specializes in medieval instrumental music.

Florentin Morel is a first-year MA student in musicology at Paris-Sorbonne University. His research focuses on the marimba in Europe in the twentieth century. He holds a Bachelor Degree of Music and Musicology from the Paris-Sorbonne University. His interests include music history and world music, particularly that of Latin America. He is also involved in the indexing work of the Musiconis database. Morel is a percussionist and composer who has collaborated with several choreographers. including a dancer and choreographer of the Paris Opera.

Valérie Nunes – Le Page is a first-year MA student in musicology at Paris-Sorbonne University specializing in the performance practice of medieval music in the professional program. She is a certified teacher in a conservatory, a singer, and a choirmaster. Her research focuses on rhythmic changes in the French treatises of the late 13th century and the early 14th century.

Ershad Vaeztehrani is a first-year MA student in the UFR of Music and Musicology at Paris-Sorbonne University. He has a BA of Music Performance (Double Bass) from the Music Faculty of The Art University of Tehran. He is also studying the Historical Bass at the Conservatoire de Paris. Also a percussionist (Persian, Medieval and Baroque Percussions), he has collaborated with different ancient music ensembles and musicians such as Abya Yala, Les Voix Errantes, Seraphim ensemble, Robin Troman, Sebastien Marcq and Jean-Jacques Hérbin.

Anna Vasilyeva is a first-year MA student in the Sorbonne’s professional program with a specialty in the performance practice of medieval music. She is a singer, musicologist, and performer on the medieval harp. Vasilyeva performs with several different medieval music ensembles. Her current research focuses on cantus firmus in Russian sacred music. She graduated from the  Gnessins’ Academy of Music in Moscow in 2009 where she studied musicology and carried out research on contemporary music based on Renaissance parody technique.

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