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  1. I attempted the Headache , cryptogenic neoformans case. Reaching the question, “What blood test next? Rhymes with 1-2-3,” I entered ABG. Wrong answer , and I was blocked from going further.

  2. Obviously the answer is “something else,” (HSV ?) My point was that unlike the Dig-It questions section, one reaches a roadblock, a dead-end in the Cases section, when you have an incorrect answer, or no answer. But first, let me thank you for the beyond considerable effort you’ve invested in creating the material on the website. I came to it vis a vis the NEJM 360 Flipped Classroom discussion where I found your comments (to me anyway) the most substantial, and subsequently found backed up with actual concretely and excellently created material. You might be interested in learning that the historical precursor to the Flipped Classroom was devised in the 1960’s by the Chairman of Psychology at Columbia, Fred Keller and called Personalized System of Instruction (PSI); I include the references below:
    – Keller, F. (1968). “Goodbye teacher…” Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 1, 79-89.


    The title “Goodbye teacher” certainly anticipates the current death knell of the lecture. I want to go through all the Dig-It questions as well as all of the Cases. I am just fearful of reaching the dead-end I reached with the cryptogenic neoformans Headache Case. When I hit those points, what next?

    But your pedagogic approach and materials serve to widen and maximize and make engaging and enjoyable and even exciting the experience of acquiring medical knowledge. The manner in which you meld the basic micro and pharm into the applied clinical picture is the most sensible and meaningful. It places you in the vanguard of 21st century medical education,

    • Hi Ephraim. The answer is “HIV.”
      I made the ICEs before the Dig-Its and quickly learned that it’s not good to let the learner hit a wall (Sorry!)
      The later ICEs (I think ICE4+) and ALL of the Dig-Its allow you to proceed and give you feedback.
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and reference. I am so glad you found my NEJM360 comments and work useful.
      Best, Rachel

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