Class Schedule

Date Discussion Topics and Papers Slides
W1 – 1.18 Course introduction and logistics [Prof. Jiang] [Introduction]
W2 – 1.25

Paper 1: MotionSync: Personal Energy Analytics through Motion Tags and Wearable Sensing [Peter Wei]

Paper 2: Indoor Follow Me Drone [Stephen Xia]



 W3 – 2.1

Paper 1: Non-invasive Respiration Rate Monitoring Using a Single COTS TX-RX Pair [Daniel de Godoy]

Paper 2: U-Air: When Urban Air Quality Inference Meets Big Data [Chen Zhao]



 W4 – 2.8

Paper 1: AutoCalib: Automatic Traffic Camera Calibration at Scale [Tengxiang Wang]

Paper 2: Energy Efficient Design for Body Sensor Nodes [Joao Cerqueira]



 W5 – 2.15

Paper 1: Context-aware Real-time Population Estimation for Metropolis [Jingping Nie]

Paper 2: MusicalHeart: A Hearty Way of Listening to Music [Yinan Ji]



 W6 – 2.22

Paper 1: BackDoor: Making Microphones Hear Inaudible Sounds [Chen Shi]

Paper 2: Lightweight Map Matching for Indoor Localisation using Conditional Random Fields [Stephen Xia]



 W7 – 3.1

Paper 1: Accelerating Mobile Applications through Flip-Flop Replication [Daniel de Godoy]

Paper 2: The Next Big One: Detecting Earthquakes and other Rare Events from Community-based Sensors [Tengxiang Wang]

 W8 – 3.8

Paper 1: A Lightweight And Inexpensive In-ear Sensing System For Automatic Whole-night Sleep Stage Monitoring [Peter Wei]

Paper 2: StudentLife: Assessing Mental Health, Academic Performance and Behavioral Trends of College Students using Smartphones [Chen Zhao]

 W9 – 3.22

Paper 1: Ekho: Realistic and Repeatable Experimentation for Tiny Energy-Harvesting Sensors [Joao Cerqueira]

Paper 2: Flicker: Rapid Prototyping for the Batteryless Internet-of-Things [Chen Shi]

 W10 – 3.29

Paper 1: Empath: Continuous Emotional Health Monitoring System for Major Depression [Jingping Nie]

Paper 2: Non-Intrusive Techniques for Establishing Occupancy Related Energy Savings in Commercial Buildings [Yinan Ji]

 W11 – 4.5

Project 1: Peter Wei

Project 2:  Stephen Xia

W12 – 4.12

Project 1: Chen Shi

Project 2: Yinan Ji

W13 – 4.19

Project 1: Chen Zhao

Project 2: Jingping Nie

W14 – 4.26

Project 1: Joao Cerqueira

Project 2: Tengxiang Wang