Class Schedule (Subject to Change)

Date Discussion Topics and Papers
W1 – 1.22 Course introduction and logistics [Prof. Jiang]
W2 – 1.29

Low-Power Communication and Wireless Networking Part 1 [Prof. Jiang]

Paper Presentation: Glimpse: A Programmable Early-Discard Camera Architecture for Continuous Mobile Vision [Stephen Xia]

 W3 – 2.5

Low-Power Communication and Wireless Networking Part 2 [Prof. Jiang]

Time and Space Synchronization [Prof. Jiang]

Paper Presentation: Context-aware Real-time Population Estimation for Metropolis [Asmita Goyanka]

 W4 – 2.12

Vibration Based Tap & Swipe Tracking on Ubiquitous Surfaces [Dr. Shijia Pan]

Paper Presentation: Empath: Continuous Emotional Health Monitoring System for Major Depression [Sowmya Garg]

 W5 – 2.19

Acoustic Analytics and Industrial CPS: Research and Practice [Dr. Bongjun Ko]

Paper Presentation: Auditeur: a mobile-cloud service platform for acoustic event detection on smartphones [Zihan Bu]

 W6 – 2.26

Machine Learning and AI [Prof. Jiang]

Paper Presentation: Reactive Control of Autonomous Drones [Shounak Roy]

Paper Presentation: ePrints: A Real-Time and Scalable System for Fair Apportionment and Tracking of Personal Energy Footprints in Commercial Buildings [Yigong Hu]

 W7 – 3.5

Data @Edge: Deep Hash Codes [Dr. Mudhakar Srivatsa]

Paper Presentation: Experimental Analysis of a Mobile Health System for Mood Disorders [Xin Geng]

 W8 – 3.12

Improving Traffic Prediction Using Weather Data [Dr. Ramya Raghavendra]

Paper Presentation: Experimental Security Analysis of a Modern Automobile [Paul Huang]

 W9 – 3.26

Spatio-Temporal Analytics [Dr. Raghu Ganti]

Paper Presentation: Energy Efficient Design for Body Sensor Nodes [Sung Justin Kim]

 W10 – 4.2

Idea Presentation 1: Stephen Xia

Idea Presentation 2: Peter Wei

 W11 – 4.9

Idea Presentation 1: Sowmya Garg

Idea Presentation 2: Asmita Goyanka

W12 – 4.16 No class
W13 – 4.23

Idea Presentation 1: Yigong Hu

Idea Presentation 2: Sung Justin Kim

Idea Presentation 3: Zihan Bu

W14 – 4.30

Idea Presentation 1: Paul Huang

Idea Presentation 2: Shounak Roy

Idea Presentation 3: Xin Geng