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    This New Year’s – Diet with your Pet!

    It’s New Year’s again and minds are flirting with dieting and getting back into shape. Intentions are high but motivation is hard to come by! The pounds that went on so effortlessly during the year are now harder to shed. Dieting is easier if you have a buddy along, so this year why not team up with your pet? New technology makes it easier than ever to put your pet on a diet without fussing with measuring cups or portion sizes. So take your pet along for and get some furry inspiration!

    There are many good reasons to diet. To look better, feel better and to be more healthy. It is an alarming fact that in the United States 69% of adults over 20 years old are overweight or obese according to a recent report (Health, United States, 2011, table 69) . Similarly according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention 54% of the nation’s pets are overweight (Overweight Pet Survey) – that’s 88.4 million cats and dogs!

    As with humans, being over-weight puts pets at greater risk for heart disease and other serious illness.  Yet putting your pet on diet can be challenging. Pet feeders that will deliver food into a bowl several times a day have been available for a long time. However they do require the owner know the correct portion size for their pet. Who knows how many ounces your pet should eat a day? It’s even trickier if you have multiple pets, because once the food is delivered to the bowl, how much does each pet get?  A new type of automatic feeder has recently introduced known as the AutoDietTM Feeder by Wireless Whiskers (www.wirelesswhiskers.com).  This feeder automatically figures out how much each pet eats.  It works by attaching a small wireless tag to the collar of each of your pets. The feeder recognizes each pet individually and greets them by name. For the first 3 days it figures how much each pet eats and remembers. After that if your pet tries to eat more than its allowance, the feeder automatically shuts them down. If you want a pet to lose or gain weight you simply adjust their diet with a few keystrokes. The feeder will control individual diets for up to 8 pets. Unfortunately there are no plans for a similar device for people!

    Other interesting features are that the feeder can keep the dog out of the cat’s food and prevent greedy pets from eating most of the food – all automatically. Since the feeder recognizes pets individually it can also be used to isolate prescription diets or kitten food and meters out food throughout the day to prevent gorging. Pretty remarkable stuff!

    So for your diet whether you chose a plan from Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, a formal exercise program or any another type of diet. This year diet with your pet! It may be all the motivation you need, because who wants to be one-upped by their pet!

    Happy (Dieting) New Year!

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