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  1. About Randy Reichert

    Randy Reichert brings over 20 years of experience in mine operations to the Colossus team. Prior to joining Colossus, Randy spent two years based in London as Chief Operating Officer with Orsu Metals Corp. and Oriel Resources plc.

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    A panic attack is a reaction of your body to a real or imaginary danger, in modern days, there aren’t many life or death situations earlier times.
    So an anxiety attack is a reaction to imaginary threat, panic attack symptoms can include dizziness, rapid heartbeats, breathing difficulties and sweaty palms and feet.

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  5. what is a panic attack

    A panic attack is a mix of anxious sensations you feel at any time. They start in the teen years and early adulthood, it is a reaction to an imagined threat.
    People suffering panic attacks develop an on-going fear of having another, which can severely hamper daily activities and quality of life.

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    Tamak Virtual is a Calgary based company specializing in virtual administrative services for businesses.

    Our Mission is to Help Businesses run efficiently, with confidence.


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    We believe that time is precious and our clients should never waste energy on projects that could be easily outsourced. Our core beliefs guide us to do everything in our power to assist those who have little time to complete their daily tasks.

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