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Another Interesting 1123 Blog

I don’t mean to instill a sense of competition, but your fellow students over on another Music Hum blog are doing nice work too… link. 

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A Post About Classical Music and Blog Syndication

There are a number of blogging solutions at Columbia (CUIT and Pressible both offer personal blogs and CCNMTL offers course blogs via EdBlogs). One interesting use is to have students’ personal blogs (like this one) feed into several course blogs via a tag. As an example, I’m feeding this post into this fictitious Music […]

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First Listening – Gregorian chant

In our discussion on 9/13, we focused principally on the role of Gregorian Chant in the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages. While some Catholic and Anglican churches continue to incorporate chant into their services, Gregorian Chant is probably best … finish reading First Listening – Gregorian chant

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