The Barnard History Option

History 3570/Spring 2014
The Barnard College History Option

2014 being Barnard’s 125th birthday year,  an alternative to the scheduled Presentations 2 (3/24) and 3 (4/28) – and carrying their combined grade weighting (20%) — has been introduced. It consists of an inquiry extending over several weeks into some aspect of Barnard’s history that can result in a digital presentation suitable for inclusion on the Barnard website. The inquiry should include use of primary materials available  on the web (e.g., digitized and searchable runs of The Barnard Bulletin, Columbia Spectator), in the Barnard College Archives (Lehman 08), Columbiana/University Archives (Butler, 6th floor) and/or recorded interviews of individuals connected with the topic.  The presentation should contain an argument as well as factual information.

Welcome would be presentations on the following constituencies: students; faculty; administrators; staff; trustees; alumnae. Among topics: the extra-curriculum; athletics; Barnard-Columbia relations; Barnard in NYC;  Barnard and the other women’s colleges; the Barnard campus;  Barnard buildings.

Proposals can be submitted to me electronically for consideration and suggestions via the course EdBlog or during special office hours that will be scheduled the week of February 10th.  It is expected that those exercising the option will meet with me a couple times before the presentations are formally submitted on April 28th.

A Brief Secondary Bibliography for Barnard History

Joseph G. Brennan, The Education of a Prejudiced Man (1977)
Susan Dryfoos, Iphigene: Memoirs of Ephigene Ochs Sulzberger (1981)
Virginia Gildersleeve, Many a Good Crusade (1954)
Gertrude Hirst, From a Yorkshire Town to Morningside Heights (1957)
Robert A. McCaughey, Stand, Columbia (2003)
Margaret Mead, Blackberry Winter: My Early Years (1972)
Annie Nathan Meyer, Barnard Beginnings (1935)
Annie Nathan Meyer, It’s Been Fun (1951)
Alice Duer Miller, Barnard College: The First Fifty Years (1939)
Rosalind Rosenberg, Changing the Subject (2004)
Marian Churchill White, A History of Barnard College (1954)


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