First Postings Review

First Set of Postings – February 12, 2014


Only two with technical problems posting on EdBlog- (Sally Phillips/Amanda Brown)
Most in PowerPoint format
Others as illustrated essays
No Bill Gates or Sheryl Sandbergs orMichael Dells or  Steve Jobs in the room

Terrific Range of Institutional Considerations:
Lots of southern schools – military schools – Sphia Cassum/Vivian Rand/Sally Phillips
Oberlin/Hamline – Rebeka/Kelly

Anne Hutchinson – Angela Dragone
Edward Hyde/Lord Cornbury – Emily Ulrich
Jonathan Edwards – Emilia Karon/Joyce Wong
George Whitefield – Justin Feit
Benjamin Franklin – Justin Feit
Thomas Jefferson – Abigail
Kevin Boyd – John Jay (“Bibliography”?)
Gershon Seixas  — Sheli
Jeremiah Day     — Sarah
Mary Lyon — Elizabeth Fortin

Financial Aid – Jocelyn Bohn
Curriculum – Richard Leong
Mathematics — Patrick
Statutes — Conor
Women’s Education — Veronica
Black Colleges — Andrew

1843 Statutes of Columbia College – Conor
Yale Report — Sarah

Most high on value-added criterion – by widening the sample — harder to be additive to some subjects
that instructor has beaten to death — King’s College – Emma Protestantism and the Colleges — Daniela
But on Great Awakening and CNJ – Hilary Going
Chancelor – been drinking the UPenn kool aid… 1740 à #4???


First Postings — February 12, 2014


Last Name


Lacey Beck UNC — Chapel Hill
Sarah Bernstein Jeremiah Day and the Yale Report
Kevin Boyd John Jay
Amanda Brown Henricus College
Jocelyn Bohn Financial Aid at Early Harvard
Sophia Cassum USMA & USNA
Rebeka Cohan Oberlin
Noor Dhadha KC Cornerstone
Angela Dragone Anne Hutchinson
Justin Feit Franklin, Whitefield & Penn
Sheli Frank Gershon Seixas
Patrick Galarza Mathematics
Veronica Garcia Women’s Education
Hilary Going The GW and Princeton
Chancellor Griffiths The Ivies
Emma Guida Beginnings of King’s College
Emilia Karon Jonathan Edwards
Richard Leong Early Curriculum
Eugenia Lotiovia Student Power in M Ages
Abigail Mitchell TJ’s Uva
Sally Phillips The Citadel
Daniela Quintanilla Pretestantism and the Colleges
Vivian Rand USMA & USNA
Kelly Reller Hamline University
Conor Skelding 1843 CC Statutes
Emily Ulrich Edward Hyde/Lord Cornbury
Joyce Wong Jonathan Edwards
Andrew Wright Black Colleges
 Elizabeth Fortin  Mary Lyon and Mt. Holyoke


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