2nd Postings by Topic Groupings

2nd Postings – March 26, 2014



Institutional Profiles
Johns Hopkins – Jusitin Feit
University of Chicago — Amanda Brown
Historically Black Colleges – Noor Dhadha and Andrew Wright
Seven Sisters – Abby Mitchell
Augustana College – Kelly Reller
University of Texas — Chancellor Griffin
Barnard — Morgan Halberg

Biographical Profiles
Edward Harkness – Jocelyn Bohn and Libby Fortin
Seth Low — Kevin Boyd
Abbott Lawrence Lowell – Veronica Garcia
Charles W. Eliot – Richard Leong
Elizabeth Milbank Anderson — Angela Dragone
Annie Nathan Meyer — Saige Frank and Yael Bildner
Garcia Lorca – Lacey Beck
James McKeen Cattell — Emilia Kahn

Student Life
Intercollegiate Athletics – Sarah Bernstein, Emma Guida, Rebeka Cohan
Columbia Varsity Show – Vivian Rand
Keppel on CC Student Life (1912) – Eugenia Lotova
Plattsburgh Movement – Hilary Going
Princeton Eating Clubs – Sophia  Cassum
Barnard’s Fraternities — Sally Phillips

CU Building
Butler Library – Conor Skelding
Columbia campus — Kellie Solowski

Mathematics at CU – Patrick Galarza
Women’s College Curriculum – Joyce Wong
Anthropology (and Franz Boas) — Emily Ulrich

Jews in Higher Education — Daniela Quintanilla

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