Campus Life Autobiographies & Novels

Classic Autobiographical and Fictional Accounts of American Academic Life

George Templeton Strong, Diary, 1835-1839, Vol. 1

Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams

George Santayana,

Henry Seidel Canby, Alma Mater: The Gothic Age of the American College

Owen Johnson, Stover at Yale (1912)

George Santayana, Character and Opinion in the United States (1937)


Thorstein Veblen, The Higher Learning in America

Randall Jarrell,  Pictures at an Institution

Bernard Malamud,  A New Life (1961)

David Lodge, Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses  (1975)
David Lodge,  Small World (1985)

Jane Smiley, Moo (1995)

English Variations
C. P. Snow, The Masters (1951)
Kingsley Amis,  Lucky Jim (1954)

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  1. Conor Skelding says:

    Worth adding: A Bachelor of Arts, by John Erskine, the man behind Lit Hum.

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