Notable Academic Women

Academic Women [& Their Male Allies]

1780 – 1860

Abigail Adams
Catherine Beecher, educational reformer in 1830s
Margaret Fuller, social reformer in 1840s
Mary Lyon, founder of Mt. Holyoke Seminary (1837)

1861 – 1945

Matthew Vassar, benefactor of Vassar College (1861)
Pauline and Henry Fowle Durant, founders of Wellesley College (1870)
Sophia Smith, benefactor of Smith College (1871)
Frederick A. P. Barnard, Columbia president (1864-88) and promoter of full co-education
M. Carey Thomas, Bryn Mawr president (1894-1922)
Annie Nathan Meyer, promoter and founder of Barnard College (1889)
Emily L. Gregory, Barnard botanist (1890-97)
Virginia Gildersleeve, Barnard College dean (1911-1947)

Post World War Two

Marjorie Hope Nicolson, Columbia professor of English (1941-1962)
Mirra Komarovsky, Barnard sociologist  (1938-1970)
Rosalind Franklin, British biophysicist and DNA pioneer in 1950s
Carolyn Heilbrun, Columbia graduate students (1960s) and professor (1980s
Kate Millet, Barnard instructor in 1970s

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