Colonial Academic Personages

Colonial Academic Personages [1636-1790]

Harvard College [1636]

John Winthrop, Governor
Thomas Shepard, Cambridge minister and promoter
John Harvard, benefactor
Thomas Hollis, benefactor

Nathaniel Eaton, Master (1637-39)
Henry Dunster (1640-54)
Increase Mather  (1685-1701)
John Leverett (1708-24)
Edward Holyoke (1737-1769)

John Winthrop, Hollis Professor of Natural Philosophy (Science),

William and Mary College [1693]
James Blair, Founder and president (1693-1743)
Thomas Jefferson, student in 1760s

Yale College [1701]
Cotton Mather, promoter
Elihu Yale, benefactor

Timothy Cutler, 1719-1722
Thomas Clap (1740-66)

Ezra Stiles (1778-95)

Chauncey Whittelsey, tutor in 1730s

Samuel Johnson, student and tutor in 1710s; anti-Awakener
Jonathan Edwards, Great Awakener, student 1716-20
James Davenport, Great Awakener, student 1730-34
David Brainerd, Great Awakener, student 1741-42

Princeton [1746]
George Whitefield, English Great Awakener
Gilbert Tennent, organizer of Log College, forerunner of Princeton

Jonathan Dickinson #1 (1746-47)
Aaron Burr #2 (1748-57)
Jonathan Edwards, 1758
John Witherspoon # 6 (1768-1794)

James Madison (1773)

King’s College (Columbia) [1755]

William Livingston, leading opponent of an Anglican college
James DeLancey, promoter of the college

Samuel Johnson (1754-1762)
Myles Cooper (1763-1775)

John Jay (1764)
Robert R. Livingston (1765)
Gouverneur Morris (1766)
John Vardill (1766)
John Stevens (1768)
Alexander Hamilton (1774-75)

College of Philadelphia (U. Pennsylvania) [1756]
Benjamin Franklin, early promoter

William Smith, 1754-1779

College of Rhode Island (Brown) [1764]
Isaac Backus, prominent Baptist Awakener

James Manning, Ist president (1765-1791)

Queens College (Rutgers) [1766]
Theodore Frelinghuysen, Dutch Reformed Awakener

Dartmouth College [1769]
Eleazar Wheelock, Congregational Awakener; promoter and founder

William Legge, 2nd Earl of Dartmouth, English namesake and prospective benefactor

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