How has the University of Bologna’s foundation as being the first institution of its kind in which students sought out teachers affected it today? Is it still different from other European universities in France, Great Britain, etc?

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  1. Patrick Galarza says:

    The most relevant information that I could find online seemed to suggest that while still a respected place of study, the university’s foundation doesn’t particular correlate to a continued place of prominence.

    The QS World University Rankings for 2013 place the university as the 188th top university in the world, generally speaking.

    Interestingly, this appears to be the highest ranking Italian University on the list! The top 10 are dominated by the US and Britain, while the highest ranking French institution is Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, placing at 28th.


    • Robert McCaughey says:

      Patrick, Good sleuthing into how things go lately at the University of Bologna. Oldest doesn’t correlate with best, at least on a global scale these days.
      think William and Mary.


  2. acb2199 says:

    When the students were being taught, were the lessons religiously-focused, as the students were expected to work in the Church on a higher-up level? Off of Emma’s question, is this reflected in their work there today or are they mostly secular now?

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